The Australian Byzantine Choir has made remarkable strides since its inception in 1998. The choir was originally founded by the late Protopsaltis George Combis and quickly gained popularity in Sydney and beyond. As the choir's reputation grew, a new name was needed to reflect the group's increasing prominence, and the Australian Byzantine Choir was born.

Currently, the choir is under the leadership of George Scoufis, a devoted chanter and scholar of Byzantine music. The choir comprises nineteen talented Greek-Australians who are zealous about preserving and disseminating the rich musical tradition of the Byzantine Empire. With the blessing of Archbishop Makarios, the choir has graced countless events and services throughout Sydney and beyond.

Aside from their performances, the Australian Byzantine Choir is also dedicated to educating the next generation of chanters. The choir offers training to young and old alike, ensuring that the Byzantine musical tradition will thrive for years to come. They also run seminars and participate in celebratory services, sharing their unique sound with the wider community.

Moreover, the Australian Byzantine Choir's commitment to service extends beyond their musical endeavors. The choir is involved in charity work locally and abroad, using their talents to make a positive difference in the world. Through their music and actions, the Sydney Byzantine Choir serves as a brilliant example of the power of art to inspire and transform. 

Founding Choirmaster - George Combis

George Combis, a talented chanter from Sydney, Australia, dedicated his life to the study and practice of Byzantine music. He began his training under the guidance of his father, Father John Combis, and quickly developed a passion for the ancient art form. In 1998, George founded the Australian Byzantine Choir, which would go on to become one of the most renowned Byzantine choirs in the world. As the founder and artistic director of the choir, he worked tirelessly to promote Byzantine music and preserve its rich cultural heritage. His contributions to the art form will always be remembered and celebrated by those who love and appreciate Byzantine music. George Combis passed away in 2015, but his legacy lives on through the Australian Byzantine Choir and the countless chanters he inspired throughout his life.

Where has the choir performed?

Our choir has had the honor of performing at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals in Australia, including the Sydney Festival, Australia Day Celebrations, St Andrew’s Cathedral, St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney University, Enmore Theatre, and Carnivale Christi. We have also traveled to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Tasmania to share our music with audiences across the country. In addition, we have recorded several high-quality studio and live albums that showcase the talents of our choir members.

Father Asterios Zouriakas - Choirmaster from 2015-2021

Father Asterios Zouriakas is a renowned expert in Byzantine music, and his exceptional talent has earned him a reputation as one of the most skilled and accomplished chanters in the Greek Orthodox Church. His passion for music and his deep commitment to the faith have made him a beloved figure in the Orthodox community, and his tenure as head chanter at the Annunciation of the Theotokos Cathedral was marked by a profound dedication to excellence. Under his leadership, the choir flourished, with each member inspired to reach new levels of creativity and artistry. Father Asterios skillfully built upon the foundation laid by his predecessor, George Combis, taking the choir to new heights of excellence and creating a legacy that will endure for years to come. His contributions to the Orthodox Church and to the world of music are immeasurable having toured and performed abroad in various states in the United States, he is truly a treasure to behold.

What's our vision?

The choir promotes Byzantine chant and hymnology, nurturing chanters for local parishes, running seminars on the tradition, and performing at events. They also serve those in need through charity work, bringing people together and inspiring hope and healing.

Key people

George Scoufis

George Scoufis

/ Choirmaster /

Peter Georgiou

Peter Georgiou

/ President /